Автор Димидюк Дмитро, Львівський національний університет імені Івана Франка, магістр історії.

AuthorDymydyuk Dmytro, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, master of history. 

The historian’s task isn’t to present what actually happened in the past, because it’s impossible. As you know, every person has their own opinion about some political or historical events. For example, if for me Bohdan Khmelnytsky uprising is a cossack revolution, then for my Ukrainian colleages it is a national war for Ukrainian independence and for Polish people it can be only a civil war (“wojna domowa“). For some people Symon Petlura is a hero, but for others he is just a “loser“. History is a subjective science.

Historians always create myths, which are based on historical sources, but it isn’t an objective history. First of all, we need to admit that all history is a myth. Secondly, we need to create a new, modern myth of Ukrainian history. We can call it a “creation of pragmatic history”, which will serve our contemporary goals (eurointegration process, war against Russia e.t.c), but be based on historical sourses. Generally, it will look like we make a “cosmetic repairs” or “change emphasis” in our history.

In my opinion, the main goal of history is not only to instill love to your country, but provide development of critical thinking and respect for others / other nations. We can’t stop world globalization, but we can make this process less painful.

P.S. Between XV-XVIII centuries Tatars were the greatest enemies of Ruthenians (Ukrainians), but now Crimean Tatars are the biggest Ukrainian ally. Today, we try to analyze Ukrainian-Tatar relations from new point of view, finding or creating “common and positive dots in history“. Of course we haven’t forgotten the contradictions, which were multiple in our common history, but this topic goes to the second plan.

I’m convinced that many of you won’t accept my approach of understanding the history. It’s Ok, because each idea has its own disadvantages. So, I’m waiting for your critical remarks!

Ніколаос Гізіс “Алегорія історії”, 1892 р.
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